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Computer Jobs in Israel - 14/04/11

Vendredi 15 Avril 2011

Un site à connaitre et à utiliser Computer Jobs in Israel, de Jacob Richman

Hi Everyone!

It is Thursday night and Pesach is just a few days away.
The apartment cleaning is.....not finished.
I went food shopping twice this week, once to Rami Levi
and tonight to get a few things at Mr. Zol.
It is so great walking down the aisles of both supermarkets
and seeing the shelf signs labeled "Kosher for Passover" and
those labeled "Chametz". When I lived in the USA, many moons
ago, I do not remember any shelves labeled "Chametz".
It is great living in our Jewish homeland!
There are now 168!! cool YouTube videos listed at:
Many new ones, including these goodies:
- Google Exodus
- If Moses had Facebook (Hebrew version of Google Exodus)
- Shalom Sesame - Les Matzarables
- Dayenu, Coming Home - The Fountainheads Passover Song
- 2011 Crash Course on Passover
- Rashi Second Graders Sing: "Let My People Go"
- I'm Going to a Seder - Passover
- Six13: P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R
- Just Had Chametz - Kol Ish - Passover
- Passover with David Rubinfeld 5771
- To who are you selling your chametz to? (Hebrew, very good!!)
- Trey Kaley, Passover Parody
- Teachers Sing Passover Songs
and many more...
New Israeli Educational Stamps
Also on Facebook at:
- Aliyah of Ethiopian Jewry
- Ephraim Katzir 1916-2009
- Memorial Day 5771 - 2011
- Mount Carmel Training Center 50th Anniversay
- Tourism - Visit Israel
- Butterflies of Israel
I will be in Arad for the seder and back in Ma'ale Adumim
for chol hamoed. During chol hamoed, I may take a few short
video clips for a very unique video that I plan to create.
It will be related to one of the 54 topics on my new website:
When the video is ready (maybe in a week) I will announce
it on my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blog accounts.
I will also post it on the CJI Facebook page at:

Ok....time for the jobs.......

May everyone have a Happy Passover!
Pesach Kasher Ve'Sameach!

The CJI report has been published on-line since June 1993.

Archives of the CJI reports can be found at:

Please do not send resumes to CJI or Jacob.
Send resumes directly to the companies listed.
Contact information is listed before each position or
group of positions.

Computer Jobs in Israel Report: BW110414TXT

Bi-Weekly Report Editor: Jacob Richman
Ma'aleh Adumim

Dates: April 8, 2011 to April 14, 2011

Position Titles: Computers + Selected Others
Companies covered in this CJI report:

In The Metro
Lionbridge Technologies
WinBuyer Corp.
Wingate Ventures

Total Companies: 7
Positions covered in this CJI report:

B2C Team Leader 1
Front-End Web Developer 1
Hardware Design Engineer 1
Internet Assessor 1
Junior QA 1
PHP Team Manager 1
Programmer 3
Project Manager 1
Software Architect/Developer 1
Technical Support Engineer 1
Web Developer 1

Total positions: 13
** Copyscape

Copyscape is the leading online plagiarism search engine. We are
a profitable and rapidly growing company, with millions of users
worldwide and a strong online brand:

Address: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

No. of Employees in Israel: 1-10
Company Established: 2004

Contact: Gideon Greenspan
Web Site:
--> Software Architect/Developer (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Developer who will work directly with the CTO on
strategic core development projects. You'll quickly receive a
high level of autonomy and responsibility. Flexible working
location and highly competitive pay for the right candidate.

Requirements: We value knowledge of pattern-matching algorithms,
machine learning, search engine technology and scalable system
architecture. Experience with PHP, MySQL and assembly-style C
also a plus, but we know the best developers can pick up new
languages quickly. Full-time or part-time position.

** In The Metro

Recruitment Specialists

Address: Rosh Haayen

Contact: Julie Ruchlemer
Web Site:
--> Hardware Design Engineer (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Senior Hardware Design Engineer

Requirements: 5+Years of experience in Board design
from definition stage to final product
Experiencein schematic and board design
Experiencewith ARM based ASIC , memories,
high speed buses and communication protocols.
Abilityto work independently and within a team.
Excellentcommunication,presentation and writing
skills and global organization skills, as well as
working independently.
FluentEnglish is a must.
B.Sc. Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering.
--> Technical Support Engineer (CJI-02)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Technical support engineer - software oriented
Our global product support team is seeking a software
support engineer to provide support to application
developers worldwide.

Requirements: Education: engineer/ practical engineer in
software engineering
Ability to write simple code: Sample code in C,
Basic programming
Support Experience
1 year in code writing - an advantage
Experience with test equipment - an advantage
Ability to read specifications (in English)
English - Very high level (written and spoken)
Works independently
Customer orientation, communication skills, service oriented
--> Programmer (CJI-03)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Embedded programming serving low level drivers

Requirements: Embedded Real Time Application Development
Education: Computer Sciences / Engineering degree
Experience: 1-3 years of experience in developing
RT / Embedded applications
Experienced in C
Knowledge in communication protocols
Ability to work independently
High level of English
Position involves reading specifications and working with
multiple interfaces abroad

** Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of
globalization and testing services. Based in Waltham,
Mass., Lionbridge now maintains more than 50 solution
centers in 25 countries and provides services under the
Lionbridge and VeriTest brands.

Address: Work from home

Resume in English only.
--> Internet Assessor (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Part-time self-employed workers who are fluent
speakers in Hebrew and English who are based in Israel to join
its team of Internet Assessors.
The main aim of the work is to improve the quality of a search
engine’s results for all web users worldwide. The work involves
evaluating results of a web search, for their appropriateness to
the search query input. You will be required to provide
feedback i.e. your opinion of the result displayed.
The hours are flexible to fit around your family and home life,
and the position is ideal for someone looking for a work-life
balance (10-20 hours per week).

Requirements: Proficiency in English is essential
Fluency in Hebrew is essential
We are seeking people who have access to the internet,
and are confident in using the Internet
Background in IT is helpful but not essential
For cultural and historical awareness purposes you must be
resident in Israel for 5 consecutive years

** Singleton

Singleton is a product development company that specializes
in full product R&D services and product lifecycle management
for the Mobile, High-tech and Telecom industries.

Fax: 03-548-0853
Web Site:
--> Programmer (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Senior Programmer - mobile

Requirements: 3-5 years of development in C/C++ and Java
Strong background in an Android environment including NDK - must
Background in Symbian or additional platforms (BB/Iphone)
- advantage
Able to lead topics and manage projects
Background in communications / telecom - advantage
--> Programmer (CJI-02)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Real Time / Embedded Programmer

Requirements: 3-5 years experience in developing computer
embedded systems
Familiar with PC and ARM architecture - a must
Familiar with Linux operating system
Knowledge of common communication protocols -
LAN, 12C, SP1, USB and similar
Experience writing drivers and Kernel Mode
Able to lead topics and manage projects
--> Project Manager (CJI-03)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Requirements: 7-10 years development experience with
at least 3 years in management
Able to lead a tema of 3-5 people in a interdisciplinary task
Strong technical background in development - a must
Theoretical background in
algorithms, mathematics, physics - advantage

** Stagee

Start-up company that is developing an interesting social platform

Email Subject: Front-End Web Developer
--> Front-End Web Developer (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Stagee, a start-up company that is developing an
interesting social platform, needs a 3+ years experienced
Front-End Web Developer.
Location: Petach-Tikva

Requirements: Proven experience writing valid XHTML / CSS
High level of JavaScript programming (the language itself +
DOM manipulation)
Deep knowledge of jQuery up to its latest versions
Proven experience handling cross-browser issues & tweaks
Strong familiarity of modern Web UX trends (recent Web 2.0
conventions, dynamic interfaces, human interaction,
accessibility, RIA etc.)
Advantage for experience in HTML 5 + CSS 3
We seek for a person who keeps track of recent updates about
client frameworks / libraries / techniques / materials and is
involved in the client dev community. He or she should be able
to deliver fast and be highly creative.
Even though the job is about client-side development, there will
be an advantage for C# / ASP.NET 3.5+ developers.

** WinBuyer Corp.

A dynamic and innovative start-up company

Address: Tel-Aviv

--> Junior QA (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Requirements: A beginner in the field of QA
or a candidate with 1-2 years’ experience in
QA - preferably for an Internet company
Strong acquaintance with the Internet and
e-commerce world - highly desirable
Master in Microsoft Excel
Self-learner with good analytical skills
ISTQB diploma - advantage
B.A. in Computer Science - Advantage
High level of English
--> B2C Team Leader (CJI-02)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: The B2C team leader will be responsible for leading a
small team of software engineers and for driving improvements for
a high traffic, high availability E-commerce websites.
The team leader will guide the team to support existing sites
platform and applications and also lead the end-to-end development
process for new features and future versions of the sites and
applications, starting from analysis, going through design, coding,
debugging and finally supporting the system launch and maintenance.
The team responsibility includes development and maintenance of
the company’s web sites, back office platform and tools.
Job Responsibility and Deliverables
Lead an engineering team, responsible for product delivery and
technology excellence, and ensure that products requirements and
enhancement are successfully implemented.
Design, implement and maintain the sites and applications for
Winbuyer’s B2C unit.
Assures appropriate reliability, scalability, extensibility and
performance in application systems.
Work closely with the business owner to define the requirements
of the new releases of the product, and assure the product is
delivered upon these requirements.

Requirements: At least 2 years experience in leading a
web development team
Extensive knowledge and experience in various client side
technologies: Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, C#, and HTML
Proven experience in developing websites and distributed
systems using ASP.Net and building large, high capacity and
scalable systems - highly preferred
Interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
High self-learning ability, highly motivated and team player
with keen attention to detail
Self-motivated with the ability to learn fast, prioritize,
meet deadlines, and manage changing priorities,
and team player with keen attention to detail
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science - an advantage
Experience or knowledge in SEO - an advantage
Having a solid experience in an e-commerce environment - an

** Wingate Ventures

Small company dealing with online publishing and traffic in
forex and casino markets.

Address: 41 Montefiore Street, Tel-Aviv 65201

No. of Employees in Israel: 11-25

Phone: 077-200-7793/4
Fax: 077-200-7795
Contact: Yisrael
Web Site:
--> Web Developer (CJI-01)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Description: Senior web developer:

Requirements: A PHP/MySQL genius.Javascript,
Linux/Unix environment
W3C guidelines
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
English - reading and writing,
Hebrew - Spoken.
Bonus if you know:Version control (SVN, git);Zend
framework;Affiliate networks;Joomla.
--> PHP Team Manager (CJI-02)

Updated: 14-Apr-2011

Requirements:At-least 5+ years of experience in PHP,
Create project specs; manage team of programmers
Manage time line for projects.
A PHP/MySQL genius.Javascript,
Linux/Unix environment
W3C guidelines
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
English - reading and writing,
Hebrew - Spoken.
Bonus if you know:Version control (SVN, git);Zend
framework;Affiliate networks;Joomla.

End of CJI Report
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from the CJI web site at:
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