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Computer Jobs in Israel - newsletter du 2/02/09

Dimanche 8 Février 2009

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Hi Everyone!

Today's CJI report is very small. I wish I had more jobs to post
but the market is still very problematic and companies are not
announcing open positions in a public way. You should continue
to contact companies that are getting new contracts and
expanding. Read the online financial and computer news.

Tomorrow, Tuesday - February 3, my Learn Hebrew with
Pictures and Audio site will be featured on the popular website
Cool Site of the Day. It will appear for 1 day only (Tuesday Only).

Tomorrow (Tuesday), please visit:
and rate my site on a scale of 1 to 10.
A 10 is the highest - if you think my site (and me) deserve it.

You can vote only once from your computer, during a given
period of hours. As in my past Cool Sites of the Day selected
sites, your voting helps me a lot. The rating influences publicity
for my site in the short and long term.

Last year some people attempted to vote the day before or the
day after. My site will only be featured tomorrow (February 3)
starting from the morning USA time (afternoon Israel time).
Thanks for your vote and support!!
Israel elections are just around the corner.

I created a resources page for the upcoming Israeli elections.
The address is:

Feedback and additional links for the page are welcome.
Here is the Tu B'Shvat announcement I mailed out to other
lists yesterday:

Tu B'Shvat (The New Year for Trees) on the J Site and 50 Hotsites

Hi Everyone!

Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for Trees, falls on the 15th of the
Hebrew month of Shvat, February 9 this year (5769 / 2009).
This Jewish mini-holiday is of major importance to our
appreciation of Nature and our relationship to it.

The J Site - Jewish Education and Entertainment

has several entertaining features to celebrate Tu B'Shvat:

Jewish Trivia Quiz: Tu B'Shvat

Which fruit is used to make wine ?
When did Kabbalists originate the Tu B'shvat Seder ?
How many glasses of wine are drunk at the Tu B'Shvat seder ?
What branch of a tree did the dove bring back after the flood ?
How many days does the Hebrew month of Shvat have ?
What is associated with both Chanukah and Tu B'Shvat ?
In Israel, what happens to trees starting on the 15th of Shvat ?
Since 1901, how many trees has the Jewish National Fund
planted in Israel ?
According to the Torah, which fruits did the spies bring to the
children of Israel in the wilderness ?

The above questions are examples from the multiple choice
Flash quiz. There are two levels of questions, two timer settings.
Both kids and adults will find it enjoyable.

Tu B'Shvat Clipart
Whether you need a picture for your child's class project,
a graphic for your synagogue, Hillel or JCC Tu B'Shvat
announcement, the Jewish Clipart Database has the pictures
for you. You can copy, save and print the graphics in
three different sizes.

Multilingual Word Search Game: Tu B'Shvat
Enter the Multilingual Word Search game and choose the
language you would like to play in: English, Hebrew or
Russian. There is an easy mode for the kids and a harder
mode for us big kids. Each game is randomly generated.
You can even print out a blank game (and the solution page) for
offline playing.

Hebrew Hangman - Tu B'Shvat
It's the classic Hangman game recreated in an online Flash version.
If you expect your simple "hang the man by the rope" drawing then
you are in for a surprise.

My Hebrew Song Book - Tu B'Shvat Hebrew songs (with vowels)
for viewing and printing. All songs are in graphic format so you
do not need Hebrew installed to view or print them.

The J site has something for everyone, but if that is not
enough, I posted on my website 50 links about Tu B'Shvat,
from history and customs to graphics and recipes.
Site languages include English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish,
French, Portuguese and German
All 50 links have been reviewed / checked this week.

The web address is:

Please forward this message to relatives and friends,
so they may benefit from these holiday resources.

I will continue to send out CJI reports when I get jobs to
publish. If your company is looking to hire people in the
computer field, please let them know about CJI.

If you are interested in reading about my non-CJI news
and announcements, you can follow me on twitter at:
my blog at:
become friends on Facebook at:
(if you contact me on Facebook, please remind me that you
are a CJI subscriber)

Please vote for my website tomorow.
Please vote in the Israeli elections a week from tomorrow.

Time for the jobs.....
Have a good night,

The CJI report has been published on-line since June 1993.

Please make a small donation to support this CJI report.

Archives of the CJI reports can be found at:

Please do not send resumes to CJI or Jacob.
Send resumes directly to the companies listed.
Contact information is listed before each position or
group of positions.

Computer Jobs in Israel Report: BW090202.TXT

Bi-Weekly Report Editor: Jacob Richman
Ma'aleh Adumim

Dates: January 30, 2009 to February 2, 2009

Position Titles: Computers + Selected Others
Companies covered in this CJI report:

Aspect 3D (2009) Ltd.
Signature IT Ltd.

Total Companies: 2

Positions covered in this CJI report:

Marketing Director-Partner 1
Web Designer 1
Web Developer 1

Total positions: 3

** Aspect 3D (2009) Ltd.

Start up specialising in 3D hardware and services

Address: Buchman, Modiin

No. of Employees in Israel: 1-10
Company Established: 2009

Phone: 077-534-0335
Fax: 077-534-0335
Contact: Yehuda Newman
Web Site:
--> Marketing Director-Partner (CJI-01)

Updated: 02-Feb-2009

Description: Responsibilities:
Long term: Set and lead marketing strategy for company
Now: Lead sales of amazing new 3D hardware in Israel and
Visualisation services. Build relationships with suppliers,
distributors & build up product catalog, marketing materials

Requirements: Must have 2 years marketing experience.
Ability to speak and write Hebrew accurately.
Can-do attitude, willing to work something up from next to nothing.
Value learning.
Bonus: Accurate English writing, Management skills, contacts,
relevant qualification, negotiation skills, 4+ yrs marketing

** Signature IT Ltd.

Signature is a B2B next-gen platform developer targeting niche

Address: 2A Ha'barzel Street, Tel Aviv

No. of Employees in Israel: 11-25
Company Established: 2003

Phone: 03-648-2869
Fax: 03-648-2870
Contact: Matan Shinar
Web Site:
--> Web Developer (CJI-01)

Updated: 02-Feb-2009

Description: We are looking to recruit a talented and passionate
web developer with experience of building web applications using
PHP and MySQL. Solid demonstrable experience is required.
Open-source stack, all development is done on Linux.

Requirements: Candidate must be well versed with the following
PHP, XHTML/CSS, AJAX, MySQL (or other database platform).
Experience with server configuration and unix system
administration skills as well as .NET or other mainstream web
development technologies also a plus.
The ideal candidate will have two or more years of experience
designing and maintaining standards-based websites and/or
web applications.
--> Web Designer (CJI-02)

Updated: 02-Feb-2009

Description: Experience web designer.

Requirements: Portfolio

End of CJI Report
Previous posts and other resources are available
from the CJI web site at:
Subscriptions to CJI are free of charge.
To subscribe visit:
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